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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ways to Become a Better Paintball Player

Embrace the Value of Teamwork

As football coach Vince Lombardi said, “individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work.” Your individual contribution is important, but you must commit to being part of your team or the only help you will be to your group is to help them lose. Planet Eclipse paintball markers give you a competitive edge over your opponents, but if you try to be a maverick on the field your high quality investment is wasted.

Quality Equipment Helps You Play a Quality Game

Get good protective gear, but don’t get bogged down with too much weight. You want to stay light on your feet because your goal is not to withstand a hit but to evade it in the first place. You especially want your marker to be lightweight and this is where well-designed tools like Planet Eclipse CS1 markers really serve you well. The light weight, plus the customizable trigger, make them among the best markers to choose if you want to play a winning game.

Practice Your Marking Skills

Attaching a laser pointer to the barrel of your marker allows you to get used to where you are aiming, even in situations where you can’t release paintballs. Making sure your marker is empty first, take your marker out when you walk the dog and practice speed aiming or holding a target while you are running.

Trigger skills are important because being able to launch many paintballs in rapid succession can make the difference between a hit and a miss during a game. Instead of using a single trigger finger, use two fingers to walk the trigger the way a bass player walks an electric bass. With practice, you will be able to get shots off twice as fast with your Planet Eclipse paintball markers than you could using just one finger.

Learn the Field of Play

Take the opportunity to learn all the quirks and features of your favorite play areas. Remember, the team that knows the terrain better always has the home advantage. Bring some of your team members with you to your play field when a game is not going on and learn the terrain together, discussing ways to use different aspects of it to your advantage in upcoming games.

With a bit of practice, one of the high quality Planet Eclipse CS1 markers and other lightweight, quality gear, pre-game strategy sessions and a dedication to teamwork, you can improve your paintball game. The thrill of competition and admiration from your teammates are worth the extra time and effort you put in your game.

Warm Up for Any Sport

Warm up routines vary due to a lot of factors and there is no such thing as a ‘perfect warm-up’. Each exercise/sport requires a different and unique warm up. An individual can benefit from a warm up if it is optimal. And to find out what is optimal for you, you need to start slow, be smart, experiment and see for yourself what suits you best. Always remember, warm-up is the first step, not the actual routine. Do not tire yourself with it. Save your energy for the real workout.

Definition of Warm-up: the process of preparing for a physical exercise by practising exercises gently beforehand.

There are basically two types of warm ups: related and non-related.


By doing related exercises you can increase blood flow to the muscles that are used in the actual workout. For example, if you are planning to do a bench-press, you can warm-up by bench-pressing a rod without adding any weights. That way, the muscles that are worked while doing bench press will get activated and will be prepared for heavy weight presses.


These are general stretches that are common. Common, and effective too. Dynamic stretching involves movement of arms and legs. Stretching this way will gradually increase your body temperature and increase blood flow in your whole body.

Note of caution:

Do not stretch a cold muscle as it may lead to injuries and early fatigue. Gradually increase your body temperature, make sure your heart is beating faster than normal, then proceed to stretch.

Understanding the difference, and how you can benefit from each type of warm up routine will help you design yourself a warm-up routine that is optimal and increase your performance during the workout.

Types Of Bikes in BMX

BMX bikes are specially designed for racing and stunt riding, to ride, jump and land over berms and dirt. These cycles have gained popularity for being sturdy and tough. It takes a lot of training to be able to perform stunts or participate in races. Mainly used on specially designed ramps and off-road sports. BMX is short for Bicycle MotoCross. Motocross being a race for motorbikes, decades ago, in the mid-1970’s youngsters began to use the tracks to ride bicycles. Since then it has gained a lot of attention and recognition.

BMX has become a generic term with many sub-categories and disciplines ranging from racing to stunt riding. If you are interested to buy a BMX bike, then you need to understand the different types available currently, and what benefits it provides.

In this article, we will list out the major types of bikes in BMX so that you can use to knowledge to decide which bike you can choose.

A Brief History

This phenomenon of BMX started in the early 1970’s.

By mid-1970’s it gained momentum. Specially designed bikes began appearing in the market.

National Bicycle League (NBL) was founded in 1974 by George E. Esser.

International BMX Federation was founded in mid 1981.

By early 1993, BMX became affiliated to the Union Cyclist International (UCI).

Different Models Available

Today there are a lot of varieties and model types available in the market for you to pick. But what to choose? Keep a note that there are basically just three types, and the rest are a mix of those three. No matter what type, all these bikes are known for their precise handling and strong body frames.

The three major categories are:


Used majorly for racing, these bikes are built thin and with low-profile tires. Decent tread pattern and tough brakes. Pretty light in weight to enable speeding. These bikes are the true BMX bikes that are officially used on the BMX tracks.


Used majorly for stunt riding and to do jumps. And for that reason, these bikes are designed to withstand shocks from landing. Has wide, low-profile tires with good amount of ground clearance to handle jumps. These bikes are the most sturdy of all the variants. Subjected to a lot of jumps and crash landing.


Used mainly to do flatland tricks. These bikes have smaller frames and longer seatposts. Small frames offer stability that is needed in order to perform flatland tricks. Like the name suggests, these bikes are driven on a flat surface, like concrete road, and various tricks are performed.

The Importance of Sponsorship in Sports

Sponsorship refers to the funds, services or resources provided by businesses to a club, team or an individual to gain some sort of commercial benefit. Sports sponsorship is basically a marketing tool frequently used by the companies in order to reach wide audience on the global basis with a goal to be ahead of their competitors. It helps companies in creating awareness about their brand as well as to make higher profit. Sponsorship offered by companies helps sports organizers as well as teams to accumulate and manage funds for organizing sports events and accessories.

Sponsorship money is the most important thing for major sports in the world. Sponsorship funding by the businesses allows sports organizations and athletes to focus more on production of their respective game and on training. In major sports like football, hockey, cricket, golf, tennis, etc, sponsorship presence is highly recognizable. Sponsorship funding matters a lot for sports organizing committees as well as for players. Nowadays more and more people are joining online sports sponsorship program to learn about it.

Team sponsorship

Sports teams could not survive without sponsorship funding. It is because teams have to rely on funds offered by companies to function effectively. Even if some teams try to survive without funding then also it would be hard for them to compete and travel. Absence of funds forces team officials and owners to focus more on fundraising rather than focusing on building a good team. Money from the sponsors is used for buying equipments for the team, for organizing events and for paying for travelling of teams for attending the events.

Individual sponsorship

Athletes belong to individual such as racers, fighters, and track and field players have to rely on funding to do lot of training and to be a professional. Funding helps individual athletes in becoming full time professional athlete from an amateur one. Absence of funding makes individual athletes to work for full time to earn money. As a result they fail to give sufficient time to their training and practice. This thing affects their performance. So now you must have got the idea how important sponsorship money is for the individual athletes.

Online programs for sports sponsorship

Sports funding can be beneficial for you also if you choose it as a career. Online sponsorship program includes a degree course for sports sponsorship. By joining this program, you can become an expert in this field. You will learn how to find sponsors and what strategies to be used to convince sponsors to fund your event or team. If you are interested in learning about branding then you can opt for sports branding courses. These online programs and courses are the shortest route towards your career goal. You will get lots of benefits out of them. Whether you want to learn about branding courses or sports sponsorship, you should choose online learning mode for your studies.