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Types Of Bikes in BMX

BMX bikes are specially designed for racing and stunt riding, to ride, jump and land over berms and dirt. These cycles have gained popularity for being sturdy and tough. It takes a lot of training to be able to perform stunts or participate in races. Mainly used on specially designed ramps and off-road sports. BMX is short for Bicycle MotoCross. Motocross being a race for motorbikes, decades ago, in the mid-1970’s youngsters began to use the tracks to ride bicycles. Since then it has gained a lot of attention and recognition.

BMX has become a generic term with many sub-categories and disciplines ranging from racing to stunt riding. If you are interested to buy a BMX bike, then you need to understand the different types available currently, and what benefits it provides.

In this article, we will list out the major types of bikes in BMX so that you can use to knowledge to decide which bike you can choose.

A Brief History

This phenomenon of BMX started in the early 1970’s.

By mid-1970’s it gained momentum. Specially designed bikes began appearing in the market.

National Bicycle League (NBL) was founded in 1974 by George E. Esser.

International BMX Federation was founded in mid 1981.

By early 1993, BMX became affiliated to the Union Cyclist International (UCI).

Different Models Available

Today there are a lot of varieties and model types available in the market for you to pick. But what to choose? Keep a note that there are basically just three types, and the rest are a mix of those three. No matter what type, all these bikes are known for their precise handling and strong body frames.

The three major categories are:


Used majorly for racing, these bikes are built thin and with low-profile tires. Decent tread pattern and tough brakes. Pretty light in weight to enable speeding. These bikes are the true BMX bikes that are officially used on the BMX tracks.


Used majorly for stunt riding and to do jumps. And for that reason, these bikes are designed to withstand shocks from landing. Has wide, low-profile tires with good amount of ground clearance to handle jumps. These bikes are the most sturdy of all the variants. Subjected to a lot of jumps and crash landing.


Used mainly to do flatland tricks. These bikes have smaller frames and longer seatposts. Small frames offer stability that is needed in order to perform flatland tricks. Like the name suggests, these bikes are driven on a flat surface, like concrete road, and various tricks are performed.